Sweet Pepper Salad Dressing

I love trying new things with my NutriBullet. I’ve made great tasting pureed soups, sauces, faux ice cream and even some candy bars! My latest adventure is making homemade salad dressing. I made a few salad dressings last summer and now that we’re into salad season again, I want to increase my recipe collection. I am slowly getting away from buying bottled salad dressing; making your own at home is a unique art form. It gives me a chance to [...]

My Top 10 Blast Recipes

I’ve been making my delicious NutriBlasts for over a year now and every day feels like a brand new day. The process of making them is so much fun. This fresh perspective helps me to create new recipes. I love to share my recipes with others, especially new NutriBlasters. One of my favorite tips is to start with your favorite fruits, veggies, nuts and liquids. That’s how I’ve been able to have great tasting Blasts from the very beginning. I [...]

Orange Krush!

I love the taste of fresh citrus, especially oranges! They are, after all, the most popular fruit of the citrus family. You can buy them all year round and they are pretty inexpensive. Plus, don’t forget the staying power in the refrigerator. Every part of the orange can be eaten and has nutritional value, including the rind! Delicious and juicy oranges contain an impressive list of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps [...]

Healthy Broccoli Blast

I was so happy to have children this Halloween season! It’s an excuse to go trick-or-treating and have first dibs on the good candy.  However, this Halloween was going to be a little different. We decided as a family we were not going to binge all at once. This year, we were going to keep the good and get rid of the bad. Because even the bad is good when you are desperate for candy. We made a deal: for [...]

Belizean Breeze Blast

Every year in the month of July, we get together with friends and family for a big reunion. Usually, we congregate at my brother’s house in Minnesota to spend a week. Not this year. We decided to mix it up a little and travel to Belize! Belize is the smallest country in Central America, located right below Mexico and next to Guatemala. It has dense jungles full of exotic plants, gorgeous beaches and – best of all – tropical fruit. [...]