My Best Break-Up Ever

Normally, a break-up is a sad event, but today, after a three year relationship, my oncologist told me that she was breaking up with me and never wants to see me again. I have never been happier to hear those words in my life! My oncologist is the person who determined my treatment course after being diagnosed with cancer, who monitored my recovery from chemotherapy and also ordered all of my follow up testing and scans. Today, she informed me [...]

Don’t Ignore Your Symptoms

Thinking about cancer is scary. What is even scarier is getting cancer, so it is important that we all educate ourselves on cancer symptoms and be as proactive as possible. Cancer symptoms can appear in many forms and levels of severity. Since they can mimic common illnesses, they can easily get ignored until they get to be very bad. Certainly, nobody wants to run to the doctor every time they do not feel well, but it is important to address [...]

Snacking, NutriBullet Style

Using the NutriBullet on a consistent basis has helped me make some much needed changes in my diet. What I used to consider “healthy” snacks, in fact were probably some of the worse choices. For example, my morning snack usually consisted of regular peanut butter with gluten-free crackers, a gluten-free muffin, or a bag of popcorn. In the afternoons, it was usually crackers of some type, baked low sodium potato chips, or carrot chips with ranch dressing. While these might [...]

Life Without My NutriBullet

Well, I just got my first taste of life without my NutriBullet and, I have to tell you, it was not pleasant! After a year and a half of using the NutriBullet on a daily basis, I couldn’t imagine going a day without it, but recent vacation plans out of the country meant that I had to leave my beloved machine behind and fend for myself. Prior to departure, I convinced myself that I could make it through the following [...]

Collecting Dust? Not MY NutriBullet…

My NutriBullet rarely gets a break and why should it? The benefits I’ve seen using it on a consistent basis include better immune function, increased energy, weight control and looking and feeling better. If I’m not preparing a NutriBlast for myself, I’m making something tasty and healthy for my husband or for company. I travel with it whenever possible and I even get asked to bring it with me when I’m an invited guest to someone’s house! Like so many people, [...]