Sprout it Out!

Raw’kin Snack of the WeekHow gorgeous is this smoothie? With raw, fresh, organic ingredients, leafy greens, and a handful of nutritious sprouts, this Blast recipe is just what your body needs this season to ward off sickness and strengthen your immune system. Don’t let allergies or a fever catch you by surprise! And an extra plus: it tastes wonderful, too. Click here for the full recipe from NutriLiving.com. Browse around for more recipes, health articles, and information on healing foods. Share your […]


What Is An Enzyme?    Before I became a nutrition junkie, I had no clue what an enzyme was or how important they were. I just loved eating food. Now when I eat, I enjoy multiple pleasures, not just taste. The many different and healthy compounds food offers really intrigue me. Most of my clients become nutrition junkies, too, after we discuss the amazing power and importance of enzymes. I love challenges and solving puzzles and I don’t think we […]

Microgreens: A powerful punch in a small package

Hey sprouts, there’s a new kid in town! Little seedlings less than 14 days old called micro greens; they’re cute little leaves with a huge nutritional punch. Once only used by high-end chefs to garnish a delectable dish, these superstars are becoming mainstream as a way to consume more vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients without having to eat boat-loads of produce (sound familiar NutriBullet fans?) But do they live up to the claim? According to research findings from the USDA and […]