Fresh or Frozen?

What’s better? It’s winter and you know what that means: delicous summer fruits and vegetables are no longer available fresh. So what about frozen? It’s a question I get asked repeatedly. Which is more healthy? Are frozen fruits and veggies just as healthy and good for you as fresh? It’s not a simple question to answer since so many variables affect the nutritional values in a vegetable or fruit. For example, how mature was the plant when harvested? What type […]

Fueling Your Body for Exercise

I love to exercise and you should, too! What often keeps people from taking that grueling first step off their couch is that sluggish feeling you get right before a great workout; your body knows it’s in for it! But I’ve got just the thing that’ll help energize you and give your body the fuel it needs. In addition to a weight training circuit, I normally bicycle 5 to 6 times a week. Three days a week, I push the […]

To Juice or To Blend?

It seems almost every day I get asked whether it’s better to juice or blend foods. Let’s look at the pros and con’s of each so you can decide which is better for you. I think we all know both processes provide incredible health benefits. Certainly, the NutriBullet takes blending to a whole new level, enhancing the absorption of nutrients. Don’t buy smoothies at a smoothie shop or in a store. They are never as good as what you can […]

5 Tips for Optimal Health

I have learned a lot over the years, building my health and the health of my clients. In doing so, I have compiled a list of some of the most important changes we can make to improve our health. This list is really a guide for optimal health. The more of these you incorporate into your life, the healthier you will be. These suggestions are just that, suggestions based on years of observation, research and incorporating them into my life. […]

Why Is an Orange Orange? Part 2

I guess you could say I am passionate about food, really more about the nutritional impact. The foods we eat make us healthy or unhealthy. So, please indulge yourself with lots of colorful foods from nature every day. The colors of natural foods actually play an important role in our health. Each color offers unique ingredients that can give healing and support to our bodies. Let’s take a look at these colors and see what they do. The yellow/orange foods […]