The Freezer: My Blast Haven


The freezer is a great way to keep produce; it adds a nice chill to your NutriBlast and keeps much longer than storing it in the refrigerator. When I go to the grocery store, I already have a good idea of what I’m putting in the freezer the minute I get home!

For instance, I know exactly what I have to do when I buy beets. Wash, peel, cut (into chunks), and freeze. I like the taste of pineapple and after wasting so much by leaving them to rot in the fridge, I learned to buy a whole pineapple and cut it into bite-sized chunks and throw them straight into the freezer. Bananas, mangos, peaches, you  name it! All save perfectly in frozen chunks and make an excellent addition to your NutriBlasts. It all depends on how much room you save in your freezer!

Since I rarely use ice cubes in the winter, I took out an ice cube tray from the freezer and used the empty space for additional frozen produce. Currently, I have a bag of sliced, frozen red grapes and a cup of sliced banana chunks where that ice tray would be. The space comes in handy and since I have a small refrigerator, this is a tip I use quite often.

In the warmer months, I like to reduce the amount of regular food items in the rest of the freezer area to make room for additional produce. Just think – a little cleaning and you get fresh, deliciously frozen fruit and vegetables for a quick Blast. It couldn’t be easier!

I’ve learned that buying produce on sale and using my freezer to store my bounty helps to stretch my spending dollars throughout the year and that’s a great thing.

-Delores McCarter

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