The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast


Recently, my hair stylist was having a moment. It was well after 12 o’clock noon and she walked over to me after my dryer cut off and asked if it was ok for her to get something to eat. That was fine with me, but it was strange that she even asked. She usually ate something while I was sitting underneath the dryer, but this time, she had other clients and later confessed that she had waited too long to eat.

It was no surprise, she didn’t have a NutriBlast that morning; instead, she had a biscuit and a cup of coffee. That was many hours before my appointment. She was a NutriBlaster, so she knew the importance of drinking her NutriBlasts, especially in her busy line of work, and I didn’t pass up the opportunity to remind her.

I gently scolded her about the biscuit and coffee she had many hours before and told her that the food she ate was not giving her enough nutrients to get through a hectic day, especially after describing how she actually felt. Feeding your body the right nutrition is important and starting off with a delicious, filling NutriBlast is easy to do. She explained that whenever she had her Blast, she could go a long time without lunch. Unfortunately, without drinking a filling NutriBlast that day, she found out that she couldn’t continue to push back her lunch hour, at least not without feeling faint and having to fight off a headache.

My hair stylist and I are more than just client and stylist. We are also friends and communicate on a personal level. She knows that I care about her wellbeing as a friend. Now, I text message her before I head to work to make sure she has had her daily NutriBlast. If she happens to forget it, I make an extra one and take it to her before heading to work.

I know how it feels to miss my NutriBlasts and it can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. As her busy salon gears up for the next few months with the wedding-prom-graduation season fast approaching, she has to stay on top of her game! We already worry about the brides and grooms fainting, we don’t need to worry about the hair stylist feeling weak, too!

I think she learned her lesson, but I’ll still be nearby enough to make sure she is having her power breakfast every day!

-Delores McCarter