The Truth is on Your Plate


One of the things that derailed my weight loss efforts early on was what I chose to eat when I was not drinking my NutriBlasts. Someone recommended that I keep a food journal to document what I ate, but I was too stubborn to do it. I was starting to eat healthier, but I was still in denial about some of food on my plate.

Although I love drinking my NutriBlasts, my body had to deal with constant flux. I was happy and energetic when I had my Blasts, but then I’d eat something bad and become slow and miserable. My body was confused and I couldn’t keep eating that heavy, fattening food on a daily basis. A treat here and there is fine, but when that food makes up the bulk of your diet, your body is not happy.

And, sadly, this way of eating doesn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of upset stomachs for me to finally realize that I needed to make a positive change. It would be hard, but I certainly wasn’t going back to my old ways!

Thankfully, I fell in love with fresh, locally grown food prepared with a lot of flavor. Instead of masking food with heavy cream, sauces, and fatting oils, I was shown how to enjoy food naturally with seasonings and great flavor.

Restaurants are starting to serve meals with healthier options, substitutions, and even entire gluten-free, vegan and non-allergenic menus. When I dine out now, I often ask waiters to recommend a healthy meal; it’s risky, but the wait staff has been right every time.

I’m thankful that there is a support network out there for people who want to eat healthier food without sacrificing taste. I see so many gadgets, gizmos and suggestions for losing weight, that it can be quite frustrating. I know that with exercise and proper nutrition, I feel better, I look much younger, and I have also managed to lose weight. I finally made the connection and it’s really made a big difference.

-Delores McCarter