Tips and Tricks for Easy Blasting


I’m always learning new ways to make my NutriBlast lifestyle a little easier. Blasting is a quick and easy way to have a nutritious breakfast, but we all know that every second counts, so here are a few of the tips and tricks I’ve racked up over the years to help you save time (and money) when it comes to one of my favorite hobbies!

One of the great tips I learned early on was to use frozen fruit instead of ice. Frozen bananas are a wonderful way to chill a Blast in seconds. I still use ice from time to time, but frozen fruit is more efficient and just as tasty.

Another tip? Check grocery store ads for the best deals. Each week, I check to see which grocery stores have the best deal on produce and then I go shopping. Lately, the challenge has been finding enough room in my freezer to store my fruits and veggies after buying them.

Luckily, kale is very inexpensive. A large 16-ounce bag will last me well over two weeks and it usually costs less than two dollars a bag. Apples and bananas are pretty cheap, too. I pay a bit more with the frozen fruit, but it lasts much longer in the freezer than fresh. There are so many varieties of frozen fruit these days that it also increases the fun factor when I NutriBlast.

And finally, after so long Blasting, I can eyeball where the MAX line is on my cup each time, but I definitely had a harder time of it when I was just starting. If you struggle to find it, take a marker and draw it in a strong color all the way around the cup so you see it, no matter which way it’s facing or which ingredients are in there. This helps avoid spills and actually saves more time than you’d think.

I have been Blasting long enough that I can overfill my cup without much worry – and I’ve had my fair share of spills – but Blasters, be warned: stay at or below the MAX line. Life should be overflowing, not your NutriBullet.

-Delores McCarter