Training Your Tastebuds


Can you train yourself to like healthy food?

According to The Guardian, there are certain ways to get yourself to not only eat, but actually enjoy, healthy foods. The first is through a process called flavor-flavor learning. Some tastes are innate, like enjoying sweet tastes and not enjoying bitter ones, and from that idea stemmed a sort of Pavlovian conditioning. When kids are fed sweetened broccoli and encouraged to enjoy it, they’re more likely to enjoy it plain in later years. Think about it – this same phenomenon probably happened to you when you began NutriBlasting. You started out with few greens and mainly fruit, and, heck, maybe even some fruit juice. Little by little, your taste buds conditioned and now you’re probably enjoying greener Blasts than you ever would have thought, sans the sugar.

Another way of adjusting your taste buds is through the feel-good factor. Food in all its forms gives us some sort of positive nutritional effect after we’ve consumed it. Our body gets a happiness kick after consuming sugar-ladden foods thanks to the burst in energy. If unhealthy, processed food can make us feel good, imagine how good you can feel after eating nutritious, whole foods. These not only raise your energy, but raise your metabolism, your immune function, and so much more. Often times, knowing you’re doing something good for your body is enough to make you feel good.

Finally, eating is a mental as well as physical act. You feel fuller when you eat standing up than when you do sitting down. You eat less from a smaller plate and feel just as full. While these tidbits seem obvious, few follow them and they could make all the difference.

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