Waiting for My NutriBullet Rx!


I am getting a NutriBullet Rx soon and I am beyond excited about it! I have been making up soup recipes for about a year now and I will absolutely make full use of that machine. I wanted something to help my soup-making process along since I’m just starting this healthy eating and home cooking journey.

Yes, in fact, my tomato soup has been a three-time failure. Each recipe¬†has been a bit closer to the delectable soup I’ve been craving than the soup before,¬†but, in the end, they all end up tasking more like pasta sauce than soup. The great thing is that I have become a quick pasta sauce master, but I still want to learn how to make a good tomato basil soup.

When I saw the NutriBullet Rx infomercial, I couldn’t help but laugh. The video features a tomato soup! How long had I been trying to perfect this simple tomato basil soup recipe? It was like they knew all along! I could have easily called the NutriBullet number to order myself a machine right on the spot, but since I was still on vacation and away from home, I decided to wait. After all, there wasn’t any room to store it where I was staying and the holiday leftovers in the fridge made soup-making near impossible.

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve got my Rx in hand! I cannot wait to get started, delicious homemade soup and all the fixin’s – healthy, that is! All at the mix of quick 7 minutes. I can hardly wait!

Delores McCarter