Weight Loss Pills, Potions and Powders


Have you ever tried a diet aid or weight loss supplement in order to lose weight? Have you ever purchased a book on dieting, healthy eating or weight loss? Have you ever spent money on a product that claimed to enable you to lose weight? You are not alone. As a society, we are desperate to lose weight and the quick fix is always the most tempting. The weight loss industry knows our weakness all too well. It was a $61 billion business in 2012 and the numbers are increasing annually (according to a U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market study). They know how to sell us a miracle in a bottle, shake, or pill.

We all want to simply take a pill or drink a potion and magically become skinny in a week. That’s human nature. Trust me, I would love this too! Think about it, if there was an effective weight loss pill or potion we would all be skinny! The truth is that, according to the 2010 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 72.5 million Americans older than 20 years old categorized as obese. This does not include children. This is not only a national health threat, but also a major challenge.

Success lies in the basics. Eat right and live an active lifestyle. I think we make this so much harder than it needs to be. Rather than spending your hard earned money on a fake promise, I suggest you move your body 1 hour every day to increase your heart rate and don’t be afraid to sweat! Sweating is not only your body’s way of cooling itself during an exercise, but it helps increase body temperature in order to burn calories. It’s also a great way to remove toxins from your body as a result of poor nutritional habits and being overweight. On the flip side, if you feed your body what it needs with whole natural unprocessed foods, your body will simply function. Your body will naturally find a healthy weight and maintain it. As an added bonus, you’ll feel better, be more productive and reduce your risk for all major chronic diseases.

I get an influx of calls from people who became the latest victims of the weight loss industry’s cruel attempt to capitalize on our insecurities and lack of nutrition knowledge. It happens just about the same time every year. As soon as we’ve forgotten about the resolutions we made in January and after we’ve regained the weight lost via a trial of the latest magical pill, potion and powder. I give everyone the same advice. Get healthy and stay healthy by giving your body what it needs and craves. The rest will magically happen on its own.

I have such respect for NutriBullet. Yes, they’re a business that makes profit (that’s the beauty of this country!), but their mission is to provide a product that all Americans can use to improve their quality of life. They go out of their way to responsibly provide motivation and education via their interactive website and that will last a lifetime… certainly longer than a package of weight loss powder! That’s a wellness company that I can support and stand behind and believe in!

Kudos to NutriBullet for all that you are doing to make Americans healthier!