Wellness from the Inside Out


The moment I finished my very first NutriBlast, I felt great. My energy level increased and I started feeling and sleeping better. I had a feeling that if I continued drinking NutriBlasts, I could possibly increase that great feeling over a longer period of time. I wanted to sustain the good, empowering feeling that my body experienced after drinking a cool NutriBlast. That was how I started my journey as a Blaster!

Slowly, but surely, I changed how I lived my life by eating clean and exercising regularly. I noticed that my body was responding in a positive way. Since my medical symptoms were dissipating, I did not have to rely on so much medication anymore. My doctors noticed the improvement and after a short time, I didn’t have to take all of those medications anymore. My medical issues are being monitored, but things have improved tremendously over the last couple of years.

I am pleased to state that for the first time in a very long time, I am exciting about getting in some exercise. I love having increased energy and having sustained energy throughout the day is awesome. For someone serious about working out, it really helps to have additional energy to make it to the gym and through a tough workout. I went from exercising every now and then to exercising three, four and even up to six times a week.

I still have a ways to go on my fitness journey, but I’m glad that I’m making important steps in the right direction. To me, being a NutriBlaster makes the entire process that much easier.

-Delores McCarter

Young woman running